About Goddess Bath Soaks

Goddess Bath Soaks is a female owned small business that provides a range of beautiful homemade floral bath soaks. Goddess Bath Soaks provides bath products that are deeply moisturising and suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Goddess Bath Soaks are designed to provide deep moisturisation, muscle relief and luxury to your beauty routine. The soaks are infused with organic flowers and blended with essential oils to encourage relaxation and the release of tension from mind, body & spirit.

 Goddess Bath Soaks for Spirituality


A Goddess is a woman that is learning to know, accept and love herself; a woman who focuses on personal growth to manifest passion, peace and love in her life and radiates this energy to the world.

Water symbolises purity, cleansing & flexibility. Humans resemble earth in that we are water based, our being resonates with water, by bathing we cleanse ourselves physically and spiritually as we are reminded to go with the flow and be flexible like water. Bathing in salt water triggers the body's natural self - healing powers and allows you to recharge.

Goddess Gift Boxes
Give the gift of Goddess

Triple Goddess Gift Box (Small)


Triple Goddess Gift Box (Large)


Pasithea Gift Box


Pasithea is a Goddess who personifies rest and meditation.

The Pasithea gift box invites you remember to take the time to breathe, rest and relax.

Embrace your inner goddess, you're not yourself when you are tired and stressed!

The Pasithea gift box is filled with self-care tools to assist with the calming of the mind and body to encourage a better nights sleep, self reflection and meditation to cleanse your energy and connect with your soul.

Aphrodite Gift Box

Aphrodite is a Goddess who symbolises love, beauty, passion & pleasure.

The Aphrodite gift box invites you open yourself up to beauty, passion and all forms of love.

Embrace your inner Goddess, love her, be proud of her strength & beauty. Allow her to find passion and pleasure in life!

The Aphrodite gift box is features Surrender, an indulgent bath soak made with coconut milk powder & a combination of salts; infused with rose buds and petals. The Aphrodite gift box also includes a sultry Persian Rose & Jasmine scented candle & healing crystals Rose Quartz & Rhodonite with a calcio storage pouch. 


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